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Town Motel

IMG_9218Dingy,  dank and dark are a few words that come to mind when some think of motels.  To some it is a single building with connecting rooms overlooking the parking area for their “motor” vehicle. My point of view is simple I love them for their signage.  Maybe it is my love of the 50’s and 60’s. Midcentury design makes me swoon. To think these beautiful signs greeted weary travelers in search of a squeaky bed and color tv.  After checkin in they drive their car right up to their room.  A few short steps to their own private entrance.  Then back on the road the next morning to continue their adventure.

I would love to share all kinds of photos of some of my favorite signs.  Sadly this is the only one I have.  Don’t worry I will take more.  So the story behind this image.  I was in Oshkosh taking photos with my amazing Polaroid 600.  The photo I took of this sign had a beautiful composition.  But my use of flash ruined the image.  Polaroid fail!  It was only my second time with this camera.  A few days later I was in Oshkosh yet again.  The day was gorgeous and I was not going to let the original image be the end.  I would succeed in capturing the image I wanted.  I needed that satisfaction.  This image was taken with my iPhone 6.  End result made me swoon.

This image will soon be printed and hanging on my dining room wall.  To remind me of a time when things like owning a car or watching color tv were a luxury instead of necessity.

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