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Pay Phone My History


You will definitely see a trend in my obsessions.  I love things that represent the past.  Sometimes from my past and sometimes from a past I wish I could have been a part of.  Well I am proud to say I have very fond memories of pay phones.


Growing up in a tiny town we had two that I can remember.  One of them was downtown by the bowling alley and the other was down the hill by the Co-Op.  Now the downtown location was a favorite.  Picking up the receiver and hearing the dial tone was magical.  Most of my friends lived out of town so that payphone was a main artery to my social life.  Being the oldest of 4 privacy was a premium.  There was something cool about having a conversation in that booth.  If you were smart you would give the phone number of the phone booth to your friends.  Then they would call you directly…. no cost to me!

Just after High School the age of the pager!  Mine was purple. Purchased in Hartford, Wi.  I think I paid about $13/month for my plan. Anyway, pay phones were an essential accessory to the pager. Your best friend pages you you need to know what for!  Does she was to go out?  Is there a party I wasn’t aware of?

When I moved to Minnesota for college the pay phone was a direct line to home for the first few weeks.  I wasn’t able to get a phone installed into my apartment right away.  Lucky for me the Mobile on the corner had a payphone outside.  1-800-Call-ATT was the number I called to pay for the phone call.  The comforting sound of my mom’s voice would put me at ease on those chilly October nights.  Yes mom I’m still alive.  No mom my roommates didn’t kill me yet.

And now whenever I see a lone pay phone I must stop and pay my respects.  Please note the photo of me by the red phone, yep it had a dial tone!

I would love to see photos of pay phones you have photographed! Share them in the comments below.


2 thoughts on “Pay Phone My History

  1. Love this. My memories of the pay phone was calling for the time , and it was kinda like the half way point to and from school. I remember wearing a flannel skirt that once was my sisters on a warm fall day,swinging my arms while gently gliding my hands on my skirt until I felt the worse pain. I got stung by a bee right in front of that pay phone.

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