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Being Joe at Christmas

Hi, my name is Joe.

Meet my second cousin Joe.  Isn’t he adorable?  And those calves.  I would kill for those calves. He is also crazy funny and a lot of fun to hang with.  But sadly Joe is not a big fan of Christmas.  Some may call him a bit of a Scrooge.  But for some reason this year he found a tiny bit of holiday cheer. So here is how this all got started.


So, the original idea was to do a Christmas Card emphasizing that he is not truly single at Christmas as he has wine as his bae.  So the texting continues.  Joe gives me a rundown of what he is intending on purchasing. I love his ideas for props and clothing.  So I start to think of some ideas for locations.  I’m thinking stairs, back alley, downtown, something kinda creepy and it has to give a feeling of all by myself (can you hear Celine?).

It’s the day of the photoshoot!!!  It’s a crisp sunny Saturday morning.  We drag along Mr. C as the holder of the mistletoe.  First destination is Lakeside Park in Fond du lac.  The Christmas decorations are a perfect backdrop for something cheesy.  Because it is so cold we dart quickly from location to location trying to get a good variety.  The onlookers checking out those nice calves and Joe’s santa hat.  Mr. C is doing a great job of strategically holding the mistletoe.

Twenty minutes later we are downtown.  The alley I would like to use is being occupied by smokers.  We move on to a different alley.  But wait, a staircase catches my eye.  This fire escape has been in my “location memory bank” for years.  It was just waiting for the right moment and here it is!  After a few shots on the staircase and a few in an alley we wrap up the session.

Now we are back at home and it is time to edit the winners.  Joe and I giggle at the results.  The winners are very apparent.  Joe pours us some of the wine we used for the photoshoot. I work a little magic on the photos.  Now for the wording.  We giggle and laugh as we struggle for something funny but still pushes the line a bit.  The end results have us in stitches!

If you have a unique Christmas Card idea you have done please feel free to post below!

Thanks for reading. Remember the only person you can be is you. Happy Holidays! C



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