Big Brothers Big Sisters

Being a Big


The Adventures of Christine & Brooke

—-a true story

The questions I find the most interesting about BBBS (Big Brothers Big Sisters) is … “What is the reason someone would want to be a Big Brother or Sisters?”  For me it was just a natural gravitation.  I have supported BBBS for years but it wasn’t until 2015 I finally said it’s time!  My reasons for becoming a big were to be able to offer opportunities to a child they don’t normally have.  I also hoped to be a positive influence in their life.  The way I like to describe it is more of a mentor program.  But little did I know there would be so much more!

See that firey redhead up there?  Yep, that is my Little Brooke.  And let me tell you we are quite the match.  She is super funny, quick whitted, has a huge heart and a bold personality.  I loved when I had to explain to her what I meant this week when I said she wasy bold.  lol! She has moments where she is completely fearless.  And she has moments of absolute silliness!  She loves photography just as much as I do. The photo above was taken by Brooke.  She takes instruction so well when it comes to how to hold the camera or how to compose her image.

So what kind of stuff do we do?  Hiking, roller blading, taking photos, crafting, cooking, baking, and lots of eating. Brooke knows how much I love yoga so our next adventure will be to find a yoga class that kids can attend.  .  I also love Polaroid cameras.  So I will be purchasing more film soon.  Brook will learn how to shoot Old School! I like to think of our time together as our adventures. Because no matter how simple an outting is it can always be an adventure!

The thing I found the most interesting is how much I have learned about myself through this process.  I must say the first thing I learned was patience.  Not everyone goes at the same high speed as me.  Communication would definitely be next.  Setting expecatations and knowing sometimes those can go downhill too lol!  And learning new ways to communicate with my Little.  It’s not my way or the highway.  It is OUR way and how are we going to get there.

Thank you so very much for taking the time to read OUR story.  I hope that maybe we have inspired you to donate a dollar or 3 to help our organization continue.  And just maybe you are inspired enough to become a big yourself!

To donate please got to

xxoo Christine and Brooke


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