Graphic Design

Being Tangible



noun: tangible; plural noun: tangibles

  1. 1.
    a thing that is perceptible by touch.

I swear tangible is my new favorite word! In the last few years of raising money for local organizations I have found that you get the biggest return when those giving receive something “tangible” in return. Big Brothers and Big Sisters of FDL is hosting their annual bowling event.  Brooke and I will be participating this year.  I wanted to find a unique way to raise funds and get awareness out there.  So began my process creating this adorable t-shirt design.

The design started one morning as a doodle on a piece of junk mail.  Doodles of hearts and sneaking in some type. Now I’m referred to as a “Big” and Brooke is my “Little”.  I wanted to incorporate those terms into my design.  I had my heart set on “Big Love”, but as I started working the design it just seemed to be too much. So I narrowed it down to just Big.  The “lumberjack plaid” as I call it was so fun to make in Illustrator!  Plaid is such a cozy comforting pattern and with the free style font it says everything I wanted it to say.

Check out the video of my design process or sneak a peak at the pictures below! Want to create your own shirt and sell it to raise funds check out  As of today I have sold 16 shirts and counting!




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