Being Adventure

Think of some of your most happy moments as a family.  Did you enjoy something simple like sitting around a campfire? Maybe it was hiking with the kids at a state park.  Or how about that day at the beach?  Some of my favorite memories as a kid were being on vacation.  Sure the fancy vacations are always nice. But the ones that always sit with me are when we hung out just the 6 of us.  Skipping rocks on a clear lake, canoeing at my Grandma’s cottage, shooting soda cans with my dad’s air riffle and fishing!  Oh how I love to fish.

When you think about those moments what were you wearing?  Did you have all the outfits planned?  Did you make sure everyone had a fresh haircut?  Were the kids warned to keep their clothes clean?  In those moments it is not what you look like that matters.  When you think about your next family photo shoot I want you to consider what it would be like to capture adventure.  Can you imagine an album full of all those little moments?

This shoot is of my sister Katie, her husband Gavin and her daughter Lydia.  The location was just south of Sheboygan, WI on the beaches of Lake Michigan.  The water was crazy cold, the sun barely peeked out, Lydia was initially terrified of the water and the sand castle was a beauty.

Family Session Pricing

One of these photos is my favorite photo I have ever taken.  It is amazing what a $2.00 wand of bubbles can do to amuse a 2 year old.  So the next time you go on vacation consider hiring a photographer for a few hours.  Let the kids be kids and the parents too!


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