Being Green


101 - 6The weather here is finally getting warmer.  The timing couldn’t be better!  This year I finally decided to do the Fond du lac community garden.

In the past all I could think about was all the extra food I will have.  What would I do with it all?  Would I have time to do all of that canning and freezing.  But then it occurred to me maybe I could give the food to our local pantry.  After a few emails I found out that Broken Bread of FDL does accept fresh vegetables!  The even better news is they have others who grow veggies for them as well. The final piece of this project was to see if my Little Brooke would be interested in helping..  She does seem a bit hesitant but she definitely said yes!

Now I have to for once get a head start.  My husband can testify that I am always the last to plant in June.  This year will be different.  I have started some of my plants from seed already.  These little sprouts always remind me of the bean plant I grew in a milk carton as a kid.  Sadly it was lost in a tornado as my mom was trying to close the window in time. So far we have cabbage, zucchini, cucumbers, two varieties of tomatoes and sweet bell peppers. Coming soon peas and zinnias.

Tonight is the Community Garden meeting.  I could not be more excited to find out where my plot will be!  20′ x 20′ of pure fun!  I will keep updating on my progress.

If anyone is interested in donating to this project I will be in need of the following items:

2 large watering cans

10 tomato cages

Potting soil

There is still time for you to have your own garden this year! Happy Planting! xoxo Christine



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