Being Alayna Rae

My cousin and his wife have been waiting a long time for this beauty.  Seeing them with their new baby and hearing them describe what life is like was so wonderful.  How my cousin just put the baby in his brothers scared arms even though he protested.  How many times she burps and how dad can only burp her one way and mom the other.  All of the images were taken on their kitchen table by a window facing west.  And the light was just amazing.  Mike held my reflectors and Anna stood by ready with the pacifier and bottles.  What an amazing time we had!  Say hello to Miss Alayna Rae.

Newborn Session Info

Click on an image to see it larger! Enjoy.

Alayna Rae - 44smAlayna Rae - 52smAlayna Rae - 18 smAlayna Rae - 87smAlayna Rae - 90bwsmAlayna Rae - 143sm

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