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The Memorial Day weekend flew by in the blink of an eye.  My husband and I both took an extra day off of work.  So we enjoyed the perks of a 4 day weekend.  We grilled out with some friends and family, ran in the rain after a nice dinner out, breakfast with my family and poolside with his family.  But the weekend would not be the same had we not gotten a few things off of our mental to do lists.  And my favorite part this weekend was painting.

Yes, I am one of those freaks who loves painting.  It is like meditation to me.  Give me a sad wall and I will make it fresh again.  So while my dear friend Angela was at work I hustled up some leftover outdoor paint and snuck over to her house.  I have been dying to give her front porch a little love.  I took the truck over there and scrapped down the old paint.  Then ran home and spray painted the numbers a fresh glossy black.  Driving around in the truck I kept thinking to me myself how fun it would be to have my own repair business.  Just a girl and her truck.  About 2 hours later I was done.  I had the best feeling of accomplishment. She doesn’t know it yet but next we are going to work on cleaning the windows to the porch.

Before IMG_1410


My final project was on my own house.  The exterior windows in my basement needed painting.  It has always bothered me that they were painted black.  I won’t lie I think all windows should be painted white.  They are the eyes of your house.  When they are dark it looks uninviting. So I hustled up that leftover paint again.

The most embarrassing part about this whole process is how dirty the windows were.  But I got over it.  So I start scraping the first window.  I washed both sides of the glass twice.  After priming the window I stopped and took a look at the base.  Washed the glass inside and out and primed the exterior.  After all this crouching down to paint I will not need to do squats for a little while.  After the final coat of exterior paint I’m in love with this one little window! Now only 4 more to go! lol



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