Home Office

Being Messy

Name one creative person you know who is tidy. 

Mess Small.jpg

So here it is a corner of my desk.  That is right I said a corner.  I love every inch of this mess.  It speaks volumes for how many projects I have going at one time.  Eventually I will clean this entire space and look at it proudly.  Then 2 days later items will find their way back. Some items will be new and some old.  But this little section is me.

Town Motel Print on Birch Veneer

This image is from my very first blog post.  And when I am testing out a project I cannot use a photo I only kinda like.  I have to love the photo!  I purchased pre cut birch veneer off Etsy for a song.  The lady saved them from a burn pile!  My tree hugging heart swoons. The 3m adhesive you see in the image was the glue that allowed these two pieces to become attached and fall in love.

Floral Foam

Bought this for an indoor mini golf set up for the public library this last February.  I then sawed a hunk of it off to determine if I wanted to use foam to back my new Town motel veneer print. This would make the print more prominent as it would stand out from the wall more.

Perfume Sample

I’m a sucker for perfume!  The stronger the better.  I like to wear perfume that knocks your socks off. And there is always a sample bottle for some reason in my office. Thanks to my dear friend Jolene for this sample.

Grandma’s Poodles

My mom was surprised that I requested this set of three poodles.  This family of momma and two babies always sat on my Grandma’s coffee or end table when I was a kid.  I have no idea why but I have always loved them. And now they are mine!

Polaroid Zip Film

My Polaroid Zip printer is about the size of my phone.  It’s bluetooth and it prints your photos immediately.  Love this little guy!

Lone Earring

One of my worst habits.  You will find a pair of earrings all over my house.  My desk will collect many pairs.  I eventually wrangle them all up and put them away. But you can bet the very next day a pair will be on the dinner room table or my desk.

Bag of Seeds

I guess I am not ready to give up on the fact there is really no more time to plant seeds.  Maybe I will find a home for those tomorrow.

Coffee Cozy

My dear friend Angela crocheted this little beauty.  It really needs to go back in my purse for my next cup of Joe.

Selfie Stick

Tyrone is always on the lookout for a bargain to spark my creativity with photography.

Dresses to Sell

Fondy Buy Sell & Trade on Facebook is such a good friend of mine.  You post a pic and a day later or even a few minutes later someone is at your door with cash in hand!

Well I hope you enjoyed my mess!  Take a minute to embrace your mess.  Look at each object and see what it means to you.  And then once in a while clean it up!






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