Being Snow White

This photoshoot has been years in the making.  My vision was to have the outfit resemble snow white but in a more modern version. All I needed was a model.  My niece Lydia loves being a princess and singing in the woods!

So I have my model now I need the dress! As I scanned through my search for Snow White on Etsy I would stop at all the big, fluffy and puffy dresses first. I fought with my want to do something crazy different. Should I get a tutu and do just a blue t-shirt?  Should I get something that looks more handmade. In the end I ordered big, fully and puffy! I cannot stress how much this dress was worth the investment.  This handmade beauty is well made and gorgeous.  You can check out the shop at 7dwarfsworkshop.

The location is Lydia’s soon to be new home.  My sister and her husband are currently building a house on this gorgeous property just outside of Brownsville, WI. The pine trees in the background were planted by her Dad when he was little.

One of my favorite things about photographing Lydia is all the expressions she makes.  Sometimes you have to just sit back and let her run the show. No need to make her say cheese.  Just give her an idea and watch what she will do with it.

Now it is time for you to book your little girl’s dream session.  Check out my page on kid’s sessions for more info.  Kid sessions

Click on an image below to view as a slide show.

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