Being Baby Owen

One of my favorite families welcomed a new member to their family in December.  I was lucky enough to be asked to capture some pictures of baby Owen and his family. My favorite way to shoot a newborn session is in the client’s home.  This is where everyone can be themselves and feel comfortable.  It also allows me to tell a story about the family.

One of the things I should have captured where the moments while mom was off feeding Mr. Owen.  Nadia and Mason would proudly bring to me a toy they loved. Nadia brought over multiple animals and dolls.  I was assigned the sister.  I do believe she was the mom.  Mason waddled over with a huge fire truck.  These are things I will remember for the future.

You will notice that the very first image is of Brady their dog.  He was their very first baby and I find it fitting that he has the couch all to himself.

While I was editing the photos I couldn’t help my attraction to all of the black and white images.  Black and white is one of my favorite color combos.  Both of my dogs are even black and white.  So I should not be surprised by this.  There is just so much more emotion in a black and white image.  So I decided when presenting this session on my blog I would show only black and white.

Please take a moment to let me know your thoughts on this session.  You can comment below! xoxo Christine

Looking to book a newborn session?  Click here for more info.

Click on an image below to view as a slide show.

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