Dear Class of 2018

Dear Class of 2018,

  • Step one: Grab your mom a tissue. She may not be ready for this yet.
  • Step two:  Did you know that you should start considering finding a photographer?
  • Step three:  Book me!  And here are a few examples why you should.

In the next week I will be featuring some of my favorite senior sessions from last year.  Today’s feature is Treston.  He was not too thrilled that his mom insisted on Senior photos.  Being the cool kid he is he played along. His one condition was a backdrop of water.  So we took him to the largest body of water in Wisconsin. Lake Michigan.

The biggest thing I learned from this session is to work with mother nature.  An hour prior to leaving I was watching the weather to see if maybe we needed to head in a different direction.  Lucky for me we stuck with the original location because mother nature rolled in some serious and gorgeous fog!

Treston Nachtrab - 31BW.jpg

I’m starting this off with my absolute favorite photo.  No need to save the best for last.  One of the main reason’s I love this photo is the fog.  Getting a little deeper I love the relaxed expression and almost strong gaze.  The horizon line goes from dark to light left to right as you would read a book.

Click to view images as a slideshow.

One of the things that sets me apart from other photographers is my creativity.  The image of the birds flying above Treston was built from two images.  The birds flew away as we walked to that area.  The photos I snapped of the birds I merged with the photo of him sitting.  The end result is stunning.

Treston Nachtrab - 144.jpg

There are times when you won’t realize I am taking your picture.  And those images help to show who you really are when you think no one is looking. Amazing!


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