Being Emma Class of 2017


It’s hard to believe it has been over 6 months since I shot this session!  I’m sure Emma can’t believe that graduation is just a few months away.  Emma’s Senior Shoot is an example of how each session is customized to my client.  Emma’s dad contacted me to set up the session.  We chatted about location ideas and possibly traveling. Emma’s location of choice was their summer cabin in Wild Rose.

The cabin was built by Emma’s Grandpa and was full of tons of childhood memories.  This location provided a large variety of landscape without having to walk very far.  My only request of Emma’s Dad, Gary was a canoe or a row boat.

The week before the shoot I scored a wing back chair from a friend.  She is lovingly called Rosie.  This shoot was her debut.  Thankfully she did not steal the show. But Rosie did make a great stage. Make sure to click on the images to view them larger.  The black in white one is dangerous!!!!

Click to view images as a slideshow.

By adding a jacket and walking just a few feet away from the chair location the images are completely different.

We hopped into the car and took a quick ride just a few minutes from the cabin to an old covered bridge.  Here is where Emma showed me some amazing jumps!  I have never captured images like that before.  These will forever be special to me.

This time I am saving the best for last. Remember how I asked for a canoe or a boat?  Gary provided me with a perfect row boat!  We timed it just right to catch the sun just as it was setting with gorgeous colors.


Did I mention I have some mad photo shop skills!!!!  This boat pic was everything I had hoped for.  My vision was her in the boat looking off into her future on a calm serene lake. Thanks to Emma and her parents my vision came true.  Thank you guys for such a wonderful experience!  xoxo C

If you are looking to book your Class of 2018 session and would like more info use this link.


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