Being Lavonnah

There are so many words that I can say about this little girl.  I have known her since she was in her mommy’s tummy.  I can remember the day her mom told me what she was going to name her, changing her first diaper and hearing her first words.

Now she is a wild child with a heart of gold.  She calls me Skinnie.  Once a week I get to take her to school in the mornings.  We sing a song that I made up on the way.  And she loves my puppies.  She brings so much joy to my life.

This session we did late fall.  What I love so much about this session is how I captured every angle of her unique personality.  The wild, the quiet, the silly and the sweet.  The light glowing through every little curl, that amazing smile and those gorgeous eyes.

Click to view images as a slideshow.

Kids Sessions

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