Smoke Bombs and Seniors

Today I had a future client ask me if I had special locations I used for my work.  I was very glad she asked this question.  There are many times I take photos of locations that catch my eye.  I may not have a purpose for them right now.  But in the future I know they will come in handy.

Meet my senior Clay.  Our first location is a backyard adjacent to the Fond du lac “loop”.  While walking the dogs I admired this fence many times.  The funny thing is I wanted to use the back of another building on this trail but some dude was mowing the lawn.  He didn’t seem to care we had work to do. 🙂

Skelton Senior - 7 copy

On to our next location.  Further down the trail are a row of mini storage sheds.  I can’t begin to imagine what they are filled with.  But I do know they offered gorgeous repetition and lines in the background of the images.

Skelton Senior - 88BW copy

Across the street from the storage sheds is a beautiful old brick building.  The best part about this location is I used it from 3 different directions.  North, south and west.  In other words brick building, train tracks and quonset hut. ** see quonset hut below.

Skelton Senior - 179 copy

Clay is definitely into music.  His t-shirt collection is amazing.  At least a dozen black t-shirts pinned to a black background.  Some of the shirts had holes and tears in them.  This just made me love the idea more!

Skelton Senior - 232BW copy

And finally any location will work for this application.  Smoke Bombs!!!! Ugh!  I mixed white smoke bombs with his t-shirt backdrop.  The orange smoke bomb looked awesome with his football uniform.

Skelton Senior - 301 copy

Click on an image below to view as a slide show. 

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