A Cake Smashing Good Time!

Alayna One Yeaer - 135BW copy

Sweet little Alayna turned one this year!  It is so hard to believe how fast this girl is growing!  Alayna loves to say Rarrrrrrr!  I make sure to scream in fear to make her giggle even more after she says it.  She thinks she is absolutely hilarious when she plays peek a boo. The best part is Alayna loved the cake her mom made for her smash session!

Now this session may seem like it turned out perfect but…   Alayna was not quite her cheerful self.  The session started out very slowly.  Alayna was not going to crack.  No smiles, no giggles she just stared at all of us.  As with all of my sessions we go at the pace of our model.  Her parents and I sang, danced and did the craziest things to get this gal to smile.  Her sweet smiles made it all worth it!

Check out these adorable images of Alayna’s first birthday smash cake session!

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