Looking for Love

Did I mention I am a sucker for a good makeover? This beauty sure doesn’t need a makeover.  Those curls, her skin and that smile!  What this beauty does need is a head shot for a reality show.  You heard me.  Reality TV my friend.  Can you believe this beauty is single!  But no fear, a first a few amazing photos and then…. maybe love!


This first photo has to be my absolute favorite.  My dear beauty did not think that she could pull of the serious expression.  It is all about the eyes in this image.  So intense yet vulnerable.

_MG_0119 copy


My dear beauty and I have had our share of laughs.  Laughs over the cringeworthy dating stories she shares with me.  Now it is time to find a man that makes her laugh for all the right reasons.  Got someone who is single?  Send him our way!

_MG_0261 copy

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