Sparkling Sister Session

Can you believe this beauty is my sister?  This Sparkler means the world to me!  What mom let’s her sister take her daughter to get her ears pierced?  I cried by the way lol!

Say hello to Katie.  I had to beg an plead for her to do this session.  The morning of her session the phone rang as I expected.  I was prepared for this call.  My sister was frantic on the other end.  You see my sister doesn’t see what everyone else sees.  And she really wants to but she can’t seem to take a compliment. Ha!

My favorite part of this session was hearing her talk with Megan and Jodi, my makeup and hair Sparklers.  She went from nervous to having an amazing time.  Katie walked out that day feeling like the Fox she is! Love you sis!

Ready to book your session?  Click here!

_MG_9858 copy

I know.  You guys think I am kidding and that this is a real model!  Crazy Gorgeous.

_MG_9882 copy

You can tell at this point in the session she was loving the camera!

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