Door County Senior

Location is one of the key things to consider when booking your Senior session.  The location you choose says just as much about you as your wardrobe does.  Door County is one of my favorite places to vacation all year round.  When Jada said she wanted to book with me I asked her what she thought about Door County as the location for her shoot.  Being the amazing student she is she went home and googled images.  Let’s just say she was sold after what she saw.

After a 2.5 hour drive we started our morning at Cave Point County Park.  In the image below you can see Jada perched on a cliff with waves crashing behind her.  The mist glistening in the sun.  The forest and the rocky beach gave amazing backgrounds as well. The piled up rocks knows as Pixie Houses are also a must at this park!

Booking Class of 2019

_MG_3069 copy

Click on the image below to see a larger view.

Next stop North Point. This beach is right next to the Ferry to Washington Island.  

_MG_3216 copy


Last stop Anderson Dock.  Maybe it is the Anderson in me that is so partial to this location.

_MG_3497 copy

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