Mom to Vixen

Let’s face it ladies. Being a woman is tough as is it.  Being a Mom is the ultimate tough job with rewarding benefits.  Kerstin is a beautiful mother of 3.  She loves to cook amazing meals at home but also loves good restaurants.

Normally you will see her flaunting her clear skin and a pair of glasses.   Kerstin made the bold move to have a Beauty Session done. Megan, my makeup artist did an amazing job of making Kerstin look glamorous but not over the top.  At the end Kerstin said she felt like a Vixen.  I must agree.

The first outfit we started with something comfy yet gorgeous.  A pair of jeans with this cozy off the shoulder sweater.

Kirstin brought dresses from her wardrobe for me to chose from.  This amazing black lace dress was a perfect fit for this shoot.  It is a perfect LBD.


This last dress was the vintage glamour I was dreaming of for this shoot.  This 30’s inspired emerald green satin full length dress was the sparkle this session needed.  We paired the dress with an amazing pair of earrings that Kerstin brought from home and a spicy red lip.


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