Seeing Her Beauty

You can tell someone twenty times they are beautiful but some just won’t see it.  A little bit of worry creeps in.  “If I lost a few pounds maybe I would be beautiful.  If my hips were not so big or my chin nonexistent.”  Some of these women have overcome their struggles but still need a mirror put in front of them.   A mirror that shows what you see in them.
TrishLablanc104 copy

My friend Trish is one of these self doubting beauties.  She struggled at first to relax into her session.  As the mom of 3 boys the attention is not usually on her.  I can imagine this was quite the switch.  After hearing me say twenty times ok, put your chin down, relax your shoulders and give me those eyes.  I’m sure she was starting to have her doubts in me. lol

_MG_1023 copy
A simple blue velvet dress.  Hugging her beautiful curves.

This session showed me what a beautiful person she really is inside and out.  When you see her smile, laugh, squint her eyes or show her eyes big and full of mystery just remember she was scared to do this session.  If you have ever thought about booking remember it only takes one little word. Yes!  Yes, I will do this for myself.




TrishLablanc110 copyTrishLablanc109BW copy_MG_1049 copy_MG_1040BW copy

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