A Girl A Crown

“She wears a crown built from her spine of inner strength and modesty. With sparkling jewels to represent her each and every quality.”

_MG_2967 copy

Children change and children grow.  The last time I photographed this little beauty she was 3.  Our session was full of running laughing and giggles.  There may have even been some booty shaking.  Those are the things you do as a photographer to get a real big beautiful smile.

_MG_2964BW copy

With this recent shoot something has changed in this little firecracker.  Lavonnah told her mom that she was nervous for her photoshoot.  This hit mom hard.  This is one of the first times she has heard those words from her daughter.  Her nerves didn’t stop her though.  Lavonnah sat in front of me in her new purple dress as I strung big flowers and grape leaves through her hair.  She smiled and said I didn’t give her enough blush on her cheeks.

_MG_2959 copy

With this session I noticed how much Lavonnah’s smile has changed.  The change does not feel permanent.  The change feels more like a test.  She is testing out her smile, making it her own.  Her forced smile with no teeth shows where she is in life.  Embrace those smiles moms soon they will change and that moment is gone.

Capture and Remember.

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