The Family Photo shoot Experience

When I show up to a shoot I arrive to see perfectly dressed families.  A wee bit tired from hustling to get ready.  Mom may have given a few lectures on keeping their clothes clean.  The kids and or Dad may be whining that they have to be dressed up let alone take photos.

_MG_2813 copy

What resonates the most with me is the expression on the kids faces when they meet me.  It’s a mixture of fear, stubbornness and curiosity. I totally get where they are coming from.  A big mistake that some photographers make is they are like that old smelly relative that always insists on a hug every time you see them.  In your face saying love me now!

_MG_2843 copy
These expression!  A simple game of look at your sibling.

Kids are what makes my photos sparkle and fill with life.  In order to get that sparkle I need to gain their trust and respect.  When I introduce myself I make sure to get to their level.  I may comment on something their parents told me about them.  As we walk along to our locations I may ask them their opinion on where we should take the photo.  I’m always carrying a ton of things so I give some of them jobs to help me.  It is hilarious how they will jump at this opportunity.  I’m sure mom wishes they would do the same with dishes!

_MG_2833BW copy
Sparkle, love and connection!

When it comes time to pose the kids I give them time to get comfortable.  In this session you will see how the kids just wrap their arms around each other.  This is not forced.  This is them just having fun and participating. It is everything I hope for in a shoot.  This can take time, silly directions and games to get everyone to participate.  In the end the results are worth every step it takes!

_MG_2865 copy
The connection!  Sibling love caught on camera.

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