Using Popular Locations

This post is going to start out with homework.  I want you to go to your Facebook page and post this question.  Where is your favorite location to take family photos? Tag @beingchristine. What you will see is that eventually a common theme will appear.

Hackbart, Danielle - 30 Blog

Fond du lac is lucky to have gorgeous parks.  Lakeside Park, Kiekhaefer Park and Hobbs Woods to name a few.  By far the most popular location in the fall is Hobbs Woods.  They are all beautiful locations.  With their popularity means that your photos could look like everyone else’s.

This session was shot at Hobbs Woods just after a fresh rain.  The key to keeping this session fresh is to utilize the spots other photographers are not using.  The most used spots are 2 wood bridges and an area of rocks going across the creek you can walk across.  These areas I usually try not to use in my sessions.

Thanks to the fresh rain the road was still wet.  This left me with a look that is not often easy to get. So with caution we used the quiet country road.

Hackbart, Danielle - 89 copy

At the edge of a path you can see across a farmer’s field to their farm in the very distance.  This added country charm to the image.

Hackbart, Danielle - 159 blog

My favorite was the high grass on the edge of the woods.  The mix of brown with just hints of green was such an amazing backdrop.

Hackbart, Danielle - 229 blog

Never be afraid to use a location that is popular but it never hurts to ask your photographer locations they recommend.

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