Makayla Class of 2020

_MG_5970 copy

Just to be clear.  If you have a dog there is no need to ask if they can be in your session.  Dogs are always allowed!

Senior photos are all about capturing who you are in this little slice of time.  Makayla definitely wanted to she her love for her girl puppy. Jazz is almost as sweet as her human sister.

During this session we had some amazing unplanned backdrops.  The first was her father’s well manicured vineyard.  The mix of lines, repetition and foliage was everything I needed for amazing photos.

The next location caught my attention after we photographed the stone wall.  There was a wall of ivy where we had parked.  Only a few photos were snapped but that was all I needed from such perfection.

The last surprise location was the chicken coop.  Makayla saw the chickens and had to have them as a backdrop.  We did give her the opportunity to hold a chicken.  Makayla politely declined lol!  Never fear telling me an idea.  I usually love them all!

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