Caleb Class of 2020

_MG_7593 copy

Words cannot express how sad I am for my seniors this year.  The last year of their high school career has been cut short.  I know the reasons why and why it is so important.  This is a moment to recognize what these young adults are going through.

Senior year is supposed to be the best year of your schooling.  This is a time for high schoolers to be hanging with their friends, going to prom, basketball games and track meets.  Getting in the last of their education until college.  Going to a beach on spring break and breaking a few rules.  Instead Seniors are quarantined at home with their families.  Yes, this is what is the safest for all of us.  This doesn’t mean it is not difficult or unfair.

Seniors I encourage you to document and journal what this all means for you.  Sharing your thoughts during this time is so important. This is your moment to be a part of history.  Thank you for letting me be the one to document your Senior year portraits.


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