Reba Class of 2020

_MG_8303 copy

My dear friend Trisha met Reba through Big Brothers and Big Sisters.  Reba came to Sheboygan Falls for her Senior Portrait Session.  It was a great weekend for Reba to hang with Trisha and her family and of course get her photo taken.

Sheboygan Falls did not disappoint with the gorgeous backdrops we were able to use.  There was just a bit of breeze to catch Reba’s hair and give the images life.  Reba had three very different outfits to wear for her session.  I really loved this because it sets each outfit apart.

As we all know the class of 2020 is being affected like no other class.  Reba I hope these times make you stronger than we were at your age.  I hope that you will grow wild and free once we are all safe.

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