Ashanti 2021

This senior session I would like to name Dodging Rain Drops. Let’s be honest Wisconsin weather in the summer is unpredictable. Especially when you are lakeside.

The day of the session the weather looked like it would cooperate. We started in Black Cat Alley. I knew this location would be perfect for Ashanti’s beautiful personality. All the gorgeous colors were her perfect compliment. As we attempted to shoot just outside the alley the rain drops forced us into this area with gorgeous ivy and industrial backgrounds.

Now we needed a lakeside backdrop. The weather was looking more and more ominous. Lucky for us the lake is not far from our location. We photographed two different spots right before the rain finally started to get serious. We said our goodbyes in a rush between raindrops.

Moral of the story. Wait till the absolute last minute before rescheduling.

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