Cole Class of 2021

Guys are the least likely to book a Senior Photo Shoot. We get it guys don’t normally like to have their photos taken. So many times I have a son brought in by his mom against his will. At the very best scenario they are at the consultation just to make their mom happy. Cole was the latter in this case.

Cole is such an easy going guy. His session was fun to plan and shoot. We kept things simple with outfits and locations. We stayed in town or at the studio. My favorite part about this shoot is once we started walking around downtown Cole started to see things that caught his eye! The staircase is a perfect example of something he really liked that we used.

By the end of the shoot Cole and his mom were smiling when they drove away. If your son is hesitant to have a session done bring them in for a consultation. It is free! If photos are important to you as a parent I promise to get your son on board.

Downtown Fond du lac
Lakeside Park Fond du lac
Lake Winnebago

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