Seniors & Cars

Dad’s Chevy Malibu

Classic cars are a great way to make your portraits stand out from the rest. They are also a great way to tap into your dad’s heart. Each car has a unique story. Some are passed down from generation to generation. Others brought home a tiny baby from the hospital who is now a Senior standing in front of the gorgeous car.

The other great thing about cars is they are mobile! I know this sounds hilarious! lol! Think about how many large props are something you can move. Now these shoots were done in the front or back yards of the homes where they reside. Those are great locations. For future shoots I would love a classic drive in, lakeside, huge empty parking lot, your dad’s shop, an abandoned building or a downtown shoot. There are so many possiblities.

For both of these shoots we used smoke grenades. I have an assistant walk behind the car to give it the best effect. Smoke grenades are a safe and crazy effective way to give drama to a shoot. White is definitely my favorite color to use but colored smoke can have some amazing effects.

If we are able to do an indoor shoot like a shop or garage I have a fog machine that is a great alternative. We can also use constant lights with gel colors to give an even more unique effect to the entire shoot!

If you are a Senior with a classic car I would LOVE to create a custom session for you! Shoot me a Message!

The beauty was brought home from the hospital in this very same car!

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