County Fairs

One of my favorite locations for your photo shoot is a County Fair. Fairs are full of color, food and fun. They remind us of being a kid.

Let’s break down some of my favorite spots at the fair.

  1. Games: Your photos can be taken sitting by the games and playing the games. Each game is an opportunity for a different background full of crazy color.
  2. Food: Fair food is some of the best. Ton’s of cool food trucks offering corn dogs, cotton candy and lemon ice. Snap a few photos chilling by the cotton candy truck. Or in the case of Theresa just do a crazy jump of joy.
  3. Rides: The rides are each a unique backdrop of their own. The carousel is a clear favorite of mine. You can also catch the blur of a ride in motion behind as you chill in your spot.

When booking your shoot I suggest either right when the park opens or just as the sun goes down. The day of the week I suggest is during the week. When the park opens there are fewer people to worry about photo bombing your images. At dust you can get gorgeous images with the lights of the fair in the background. At night you do have more of a chance of other people being around.

Here are the dates of some of the local fairs!

Fond du lac County: July 14-18, 2021

Winnebago County: August 4-8, 2021

Dodge County: August 18-22, 2021

Sheboygan County: September 2-6, 2021

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