Jaime Class of 2022

This session is near to my heart. This is my oldest niece Jaime. She is increadibly smart, funny as hell, a leader, a friend and super kind. I wanted her photos to be a special adventure. Since she was little I very rarely bought her actual presents. Instead we went on adventures. For this adventure we headed to Door County! We packed up for two nights and brought along my other niece Addie as our assistant. The days were filled with beach time, pool time, laughter, great food and of course photos.

Our first location was School House Beach on Washington Island. This beach is one of 5 sandless beaches like this in the world. The rock beach is covered with smooth rocks. The weather was in our favor as it was originally set to rain on our first day. The sun was shining and the water was almost turquoise.

Next stop Fragrant Isle Lavender Farm on Washington Island. It was my understanding the lavender would not be in bloom while we were there. Jaime really wanted to check to see if there was a chance. As we approached we saw rows and rows of gorgeous lavender blooms. For a $5 entry fee per person we had access to the entire field. Needless to say Jaime’s dreams came true at that moment!

We stopped at the Albatross for lunch. This place was an absolute gem! The girls loved their food. Across the street was a former garage. It was perfect backdrop for Jaime’s second outfit.

Now it was time to grab some coffee and head to Anderson Dock in Ephraim! Here is a little history on the building!

Sailors arriving in Ephraim painted the name of their ship and the date on the side of the building as a way to mark their visit. It’s a bit of a mystery exactly when the graffiti tradition began, but sailors were known to write on the warehouse from around 1910 into the 1950s, perhaps to express their relief and gratitude for a safe passage through the notorious Death’s Door waters, or simply to commemorate their arrival in Ephraim.  (Door County Pulse)

I’m sure you are thinking by now for day one this is all we did….. We stopped back at the hotel. The girls had a bit of pool time. After some amazing BLT’s I made in our room we had our final adventure for the day. We headed to HWY A just outside of Egg Harbor. On a previous adventure I noticed this gorgeous field with all of these scrubby evergreen bushes dotting the landscape. We arrive just about an hour before sunset.

Alright now we are on day two! Before we left the hotel we curled Jaime’s hair and added a little red lipstick. Our next stop would be downtown Green Bay. This outfit was definitely a favorite. The leather jacket, red lipstick and matching red heels was an absolute traffic stopper.

The last stop on this adventure was my studio. We captured some amazing images of Jaime in her softball uniform. I love using a fog machine and gels on my lights to give a striking effect to the images.

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