Anthony Class of 2023

Anthony attends Horicon High School and is Class of 2023. His parents attended the same high school that I did. Just so happens to be Horicon. His mom knew she wanted to have me take his senior photos. She loved what I had done for sports photos in the past.

Senior boys don’t always have ideas for their sessions. Anthony knew he wanted to focus on two of his loves hunting ducks and hunting deer. He showed me a few photo ideas he had. I said I loved those ideas but let’s make yours even better!

We did Anthony’s photos on two separate dates. The shirt and tie and indoor sports photos were done in studio. We met on another occasion to photograph the outdoor baseball and hunting photos.

My favorite part was the hunting photos. Anthony’s parents went above and beyond to make this shoot perfect. His dad arranged for us to have access to private hunting property. He also borrowed their ducks used for dog training. This gave us the feel that Anthony was actually out hunting that day. I loved his photos so much I knew one of them would do well at competition. His image is the highest award I have received so far in a very tough competition!

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