What your website is missing.

Have you gone to a website and wondered who was behind the magic of that business? Have you ever gone to a local business’ website and moved on to another company just because they are a well known corporation? Maybe that’s because their website is missing something.

Small and medium sized businesses have a limited window to set themselves apart. You get one opportunity to make a first impression! What sets smaller businesses apart from a larger corporation are the individuals behind the business. So here is my question to you. If YOU are the magic behind YOUR business why is your website missing a photo of YOU?

When you put a professional headshot of yourself and your team on your website you are putting a face to your business. The first thing this does is build trust. Now customers know even before they buy who they are buying from. When you put your face on YOUR website you are showing how important it is to buy local. In the end they are no longer just buying from a website they are buying from YOU.

When you book your headshots with me you are not getting your average stock headshots. My style gives you creative control and inspiration! I want you to rethink what we know as headshots. You are the creative mastermind behind your business let’s get creative with how you portray yourself to your customers! Text, call, message or email me to set up a free consultation. beingchristine101@yahoo.com or 920-342-6183

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