Wade Class of 2023

Wade is a quiet creative soul,who loves to draw and paint, kills it on the basketball and volleyball courts and also has big love for Ariana Grande. These were all tasks I took very seriously to accomplish!

We started in an alley behind some downtown buildings in Mayville. I fell in love with this staircase that was recently repaired The black sleek modern railing paired well with the old worn and patched brick behind it. Wade started out wearing his favorite Ariana Grande shirt. After a few shots we switched to a classic t-shirt that his mom loved.

In this same alley was another building with stone and concrete that served as amazing backdrops. Our favorite part was an old delivery truck that seemed to have been forgotten.

Then it was off to Horicon High School. Here I got the opportunity to photograph Wade in what was also my old art room! We put some of his favorite pieces on easels behind him. These are some of my favorites of Wade.

The final leg of this journey was the gym. Wade wanted to capture his love of basketball in his images. I like how some of the images capture a more laid back feeling. Especially when shown in black and white.

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