Josie Class of 2023

Josie is a soon to be graduate of Mayville High School. During Josie’s consultation we discussed multiple location options. Josie really loved the idea of Door County or a big city. I mentioned Chicago. Josie’s eyes lit up at the idea. A few days later I get a text saying she had changed her mind and wanted a field of flowers instead. The gorgeous field was located at Mayberry Farms just outside of Mayville. I am so happy she made this choice because clearly the flower field meant more to her than the other locations.

The first location we used was downtown Mayville. We found this gorgeous wall of cream city brick. I loved how her black top was such a contrast to the brick. We took a few shots by the dam. One of our favorite spots was the wall of green vines. Josie’s outfit was made for that gorgeous wall of green.

Mayberry Farms is beautiful in September. Especially the wildflower field they plant each year. The hills and the trees in the background only add to the splendor of the cosmos, sunflowers and black eyed susans.

Our final location was a trail located off HWY 28 just outside of Mayville. This is where Josie and her family take their dog for walks. I love when my clients pick places like this because they have memories attached to them. The sun was hiding most of the shoot but decided it would peak out just over the gorgeous golden rod in the fields.

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