Imagine That Art Studio

Working with small businesses is so rewarding! I get to work with people who are living and working on their dreams. Jeni of Imagine That Art Studio is one of the people! Jeni wanted a space where artists could come together and make art and to give back to her hometown. With that she opened Image That Art Studio.

Jeni reached out to me because she wanted social media to be less work. During the consultation we discussed her business. She told me the products and items she wanted to focus on. Jeni has this amazing splatter studio that is perfect for kids! Jeni will also be featuring pottery classes in the future as well!

The first social media session is always a favorite. I love seeing what my clients knows about Facebook and the things they don’t know that will help them grow. This is the time where we create a weekly plan. This is a great tool for when you don’t know what to post for the week. We also look at ways to set their business apart from the competition.

One of my favorite ideas we came up with was the “Lost Souls”. These are the items people have painted and left behind for months. Jeni gave the post the cutest wording offering a little Christmas Gnome to one lucky winner. This post got 88 comments and so many people wanting to give the gnome a home.

The Small Business Package also comes with professional photos. Jeni took this mission seriously. She invited family and friends to her studio for the shoot. This made for amazing behind the scenes photos. These photos can then be used on social media and her website. Professional images help to give your business the professional look it needs to draw people in.

When I started working with Image That Art Studio on 3/29/23 she had 763 Likes and 928 Followers. As of 4/26/23 923 Likes and 1.1K Followers. Facebook is a free tool. Knowing how to use it to the fullest will help you grow your business!

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