Photography allows me to truly be me. It is not just about creating beautiful works of art. Through photography I am able to connect with so many wonderful people. Those connections are what push my creativity.

Portrait photography helps me to inspire others. My photos are a tool to show my clients what is beautiful and unique about themselves. I hope to instill a bit more confidence in everyone I meet.

Patience is the key to being me. Every adult, teenager or child will give you an amazing session if you take the time to gain their respect. An individuals true spirit comes out in so many ways with just a bit of patience.

Being me means always having fun. Spontaneous joy has been used to describe my personality. Life is full of experiences and your photo session should be an adventure!

Being Christine Photography brings connection, inspiration, patience and joy to your photography experience

2 Replies to “About”

  1. Hi Christine-
    I’m always admiring your work 😊
    Just wondering if your located in Wisconsin? If so I would like to set something up for a session.

    Thanks much- Vanessa


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