The Woman and the Dress

There is a sequin rose gold long sleeve mini dress in my photo wardrobe.  This beauty was purchased for beauty and boudoir shoots.  This dress got to shine in a boudoir session but was desperately waiting for a beauty session.

Now, I didn’t want just anyone to wear this dress.  It was months before I could think of the right woman. My friend Shenell was a perfect fit.  I really wish everyone would have been able to see the look on her face when I asked her to  do a session.  Shock, surprise, glee and nerves all wrapped up into one smile.

Sometimes a woman needs to put on a dress, scarf or even a pair of earrings to feel that spark again.  I’m so glad that Shenell had faith in me.  These images take my breath away.  They show what a beautiful and sparkling woman she is.

This first outfit is one that I had asked Shenell to bring.  A woman with style is always easy to photograph.

Did I mention I also had this amazing pink number that had yet to be photographed?

_MG_1439 copy

The pride on this woman’s face as she slipped into this dress.  She purchased it from White House Black Market.

_MG_1505 copy

Yes, I saved the best for last.  The rose gold sequin dress that was meant for this shoot!

_MG_1397 copy

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